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Christine Hodges Santa Fe Massage Therapist

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Christine is one of the few massage therapist in Santa Fe, New Mexico that accepts insurance payments.  If your insurance company pays for massage therapy, she can bill them directly. This is usually car insurance after an accident, but some medical insurance policies do cover massage.  In most cases, this may require a doctor’s referral or prescription for massage.  

She also accepts personal injury cases and workman’s comp cases; as well as a letter of protection from your attorney (if you have one) promising to pay when your case your focus is on healing and getting your life back, not on the fees.

Contact me to see if you qualify for no co-pay, no $ out of pocket massage therapy.

Medical Massage and Insurance:
Our practice focuses on medical massage for conditions like neck pain, low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, tennis elbow, rotator cuff tear, TMJ and whiplash.  Your doctor may give you a prescription for massage.

We work closely with medical doctors, chiropractors, dentists, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and other health care practitioners providing medical massage care.  We do offer therapeutic medical massage care without a prescription. NM State Employees with Lovelace or Presbyterian can self refer for a medical massage.

If you are a NM State Employee with the Lovelace or Presbyterian insurance you are entitled to Insurance Massage Coverage.   No referrals needed and you only pay your Co-Pay when you have Lovelace!  We offer more traditional wellness massage, including Swedish, Deep tissue, and Therapeutic.

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Insurance Accepted